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    My Sneak Peak To The New Office

    I just report duty on Tuesday but my new boss was on leave, so i just report to the relevant officer, lucky it was a half day so i dont really need to sit there whole day.. but they asked me to work there on Friday..mmmmm .. my boss will not be there anyway…

    Yesterday (Friday).. i really had to go to the new office.. i dont know why actually but since the Officer asked me too.. so i had too..  i do feel welcome.. kind of nervous at the same time.

    I told them that i had to go back to my old office.. so many unsettled things.. I dont know but i feel relieved sitting down on my chair again…for sure not for long.

    Monday i have to go to the new office.. start my new duties.. phew.. .  You know what worries me?.. sport.. lol.. im not into sport mann.. oh my..hey look at the bright side.. i dont need hydroxycut to slim down .. i will have my body in shape.  wish me luck!!