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Cheers! Another 3 Days Left..

I can’t believe it, i’m actually leaving my office.. mixed feeling.. sad, happy, excited, nervous..  After graduated from UITM, i was a hottelier for  year and a half, in Promenade to be exact.. proudly  member of the pre-opening team but my mum doesn’t like it when i always home late.. managed to land in the gov by her friend, Lucy Yong, whom actually searching for staff in their department.  Hard time for me to adjust myself from private to gov at first but its no different.. most of the our office is busy handling cm’s speeches, messages, media..etc.. can go crazy if you not used to it.

Started my service in the dept since 15 march 1997…for 11 years 6 months, the staff are like my second family.. there are so many things happened within that long years.. married, got two children.. and now its time to leave!!

I don’t know how to celebrate.. with this mixed feeling all over me.. this is not a tag.. just to show my appreciation to those who have been working with me i want to toast a glass of wine and share you this wine … not for aramaiti!! one sip here goes ..

Lets make a toast!!!

For those who have been with me before but had left the dept.. especially dtk.joe, dtk.jamdin, dtn.Lucy, dtn.rosalia, nadia, flora, you have thought me a lot!! thanks a zillion.

Fiza… .. you such a sporting bos.. even though there are times we don’t get along well but you never take things personally.. business means business.. thanx for your help!! appreciate it very much.

Moht.. its a short 7 months working with you.. enjoying every moment.. i wish  you all the best.. if you want me to translate.. no problem just sms.. seytt!!a

Naz..  thanks for the ..great imagination.. good luck in taking care of the office..

Pat.. ya lah.. ko lah tu Pat.. i will call you if i need assistance pasal pc kio.. dont hang up on me!!

Carol..we went into the office in the same year, together, we went through hard and good times.. its like leaving a shadow behind.. thanx for everything..

Helen..  I choosed you to be my witness at my wedding because of your wise decision and suggestion about family matters..thanx for your advice

Juvi..  be strong in whatever you do.. thank you for being a good listener and advisor…

Yaaammm!!!  Seeennggg!!!!  Cheers!!


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