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Message Wrongly Sent

I am feel like knocking my head right now… silly, stupid me..  I dont know if you ever encounter what i did ..sent sms to wrong person and i ever received sms that not meant for me… here what i meant :

1st Mistake

I wanted to inform my husband that i am going somewhere with my friend, Carol.. instead of smsing my hubby,.. i sms carol.. funny!!

2nd Mistake

i wanted to inform my neighbour that i am having promotion for the eye curler.. instead of sending it to miy neighbour.. i sent the sms to my office driver… i didn’t know until driver asked me..what is it about… OMIGOD!  I feel like hiding under the table.

3rd Stupid Mistake..

Just happened today… as you know that i am leaving my office.. so i wanted to asked my friend, jes’s opinion.. . i wrote like this :

“Jes, I need ur opinion..should i give kak… a something sebagai membalas budi konon..walaupun dia pernah marah saya”.

Guess what.. i send the message to ‘kak’ .. mind doesn’t sound rude without the word ‘konon’.. really not sincere.. oh damn. I called my friend, carol to get her opinion..she said just bring white flag and surrender.. ha ha .. ya rite.

i sms her to say sorry and even called her ..but the sms no reply… the call no answer.. so i just wait what happended tomorrow lah..

i feel like drinking alcohol and tomorrow sign up for alcohol rehab.. just kidding..she wont kill me.. but i cam imagine her loud voice.. screaming at me… haiya.. really sily, stupid me..

19 thoughts on “Message Wrongly Sent”

  1. OMG! The 3rd one sure is stupid one hehehe.. All the best in your showdown with that Kak… Hope the best will come from this situation. Admit saja mistake dan minta haaf klu itu betul2 berpunca dari ko. Klu dia timbak2 ko, ko diam saja kecuali dia sentuh sesuatu yg peribadi. But hey, when all this are over, you both will laugh about this mistake someday.. GBU

  2. Ha, Shirley, I know how you feel… but come to think of it… we all make stupid mistakes once in a while… it’s gonna be okay. Your sister’s probably amused with what you’ve done … hehe.

  3. Ornest,

    ya my friend kasih alert me this morning pura2 de’… ‘kak’ asked my fren, jes.. if she received any sms from me last night.. she told her that i sent message that suppose to be for jes.. . Jes told me.. ‘kak’ didn’t read the whole text.. phew.. thanx god!.. memang palui.. next time i have to be really carefull..

  4. Hi Dora,
    This lady officer is quite moody bah.. as you know what i mean.. so lucky she didn’t read properly.. haiya but for sure i will buy something for her.. for her good kind hearted even though she garang.once in a while.. lolz

  5. Hi Shirl,

    I don’t know whether to kesian you or to laugh out loud on ur 3rd mistakes hehehe. But hey, nobody is perfect. Just be very careful next time kio 😉

  6. Atukoi poh dii shir ..u never change a bit in sending wrong sms to others hehehe ..jan saja u send sms to CM kio …bah good luck in ur new office with the new boss ..u update with us kio.

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