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    I Want The Brand New Me

    This year .. i had my nose bleed three times .. never experience this before in my life.. i had while i was pregnant but i thought it was normal.. but when it happened three times..i find it scary..

    I have not done any medical check up my blood pressure.. cholesterol, sugar level etc.  There are times my heart beat faster and cold sweat..without reason.

    It’s high time for me to start a health plans..  i don’t want to get sick and grow old fast..  as the saying goes..‘Health is Wealth’.   I will start with medical check up, sweat by excising, dancing or just brisk walking, read books to motivate myself… i want to feel and see the brand new me.

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    Beautiza Is Back On Track!

    I was upset and disappointed with things that happened… been trying to keep myself strong and believing that things happened for a reason.   This is why i got upset…. I have been receiving phone calls from the human resource dept, asking me a lot of questions about my job, my service etc… i am sure its normal for them to call the staff to get update.  The forth time she called she asked me to come to their office the next day.  I went there without any clues… upon arriving i was told by the officer that i was called for an interview to fill up a post… a promotion to be exact.  It was like a questions and answers session with the bos, he then told the officer not to called the other candidate and even told me to get ready maybe if i got the job i will start on the 15 September 2008.

    It was unexpected and i know i might get it and might not… just hope for the best and prepare for the worse so i won’t hurt much… Waited… waited…. hoping..hoping… until the 12 September… i decided to call the officer just to know the outcome.. this is what she told me..“Hi, Shirley.. the PA told me the letter have been sent two days ago.. but don’t know if you got it.. but i wish you all the best”…  I was a bit frustrated …until i received the letter on Thursday.. 18 September.. I was on my way to the office when my colleague informing me about the letter… i was happy and speechless.  I just need to be a bit patience and not jump to conclusion… God tested me.. and given me good news..Thank you God!!

    Family and friends have been supportive.. when i told them i did not get the job… giving me encouragement not to give up… and you my bloggers friends.. you don’t know me personally but you given me great comment… thank you again.. so know.. Beautiza is back on track .. feeling happy and ready to update!