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Not My Luck

I imagining myself riding a horse on the english saddles, … run through the valley.. leaving my sadness behind. My name were in the list and have been called for interview to get promotion… but i guess i didn’t get it, if i do i should get the answer by now… well its not my time to get it.. Well.. i am a bit disappointed because i did passed the exam and qualified but maybe not my luck yet… mmmm… sigh…

I have been working in the same place for 11 years, 6 months … doing the same old job but having served 9 bosses come and go withing that years.

It was an unexpected called to go there… and i didn’t know that i was called for an interview and i wasn’t ready. No high hope but i know Its high time for me to move to another dept …well… i’m stuck here…..

Let me be a butterfly … even for a day…

let me fly.. fly up high.. up high in the sky..

leaving my sadness behind…

let my tears falls.. like a rainy day..

i won’t come down until i reach the sky..

once i ease my burden

i sprinkle love and joy down on earth…

no more sorrow, no more sadness

i will be back.. be back again

to the same place i belong..

doing the thing i always does..

but without sorrow.. without sadness..

with love and gladness..

but not today! not today!


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