Update From Adelaide

It have been 2 months plus without my brother, Bonaventure and his family.. but it seems like years.  It always great having them around, my brother loves to give us free trip.. almost 100% expenses covered by him… he loves to throw jokes that really makes the day brighter, he make the family come together in any occasion.  Doreen, my sis-inlaw… wah i tell you this lady.. she loves to bake, specialize in cheese cake and ‘sarangsemut’.. i dont what to call that.. taste great.   You want to know about saints?, you can refer her, she have almost all the collections.

The children.. how should i put this.. energetic, smart, hyper sometimes, full of answers.. just throw them 100 questions.. they answer you with 105 complete with details.. lol.. funny.. but when come to tantrum.. especially dawson.. pheww.. quite an hertic.. only smart plp can handle him… well kids..but i am sure he’ll change.. he is a big boy.

Here some pics i got from my brother….

Doreen and Bridget.. showing the kitchen.. hehe..

My Brother with kids..

Big boys!! Dawson & Daniel…

Really missed them.. .. my sean missed to play ultraman with daniel and dawson… my chrissa misses daniel and bridget.. !!!  Hope to see them soon, we might go there… Adelaide.. !!! yihaa!!

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5 Responses to “Update From Adelaide”

  1. jppmom says:

    thank goodness they are doing fine di sana…yeah!!!Adelaide here we come LOL!! ko bagitau si bonna yea 😉

  2. Cay says:

    Good to know that Bona and his family are doing great there ..hey shir ..sia pun mau say mcm fele jua ..yeah!!! Adelaide here we come LOL ..bagi tau Bona too hehehe

  3. Mel says:

    Odoi gia si Shirl, siou noh oto… They are doing just fine I could see. Hahaha jan lupa singgah Melbourne kio kamurang. Mau juga bah kan.

  4. shirley says:

    mmmm ni fele n cay.. bah buli bah kalo kamurang!

  5. shirley says:

    Mel.. bah buli bah kami singgah ur place..

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