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    The Great Escape

    Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! well its not too late to wish all Malaysian.. Happy Merdeka Day!.. While others busy doing the parade in the field or watch tv at home. Me and my family went for a great escape last week… well without my hubby, too bad he can’t make it due to work.. and of course our Bona and his family.. we missed them in this trip.

    We had planned to go to my uncle’s place in Kg. Sayap, Kota Belud since 2 weeks ago and we got excited about it until that day.. that is on Saturday 30 August 2008. This is how the journey goes….

    The Preparation…

    Well, not much preparation, since we need to stay there for a night, we need to bring clothes etc.. for a night.. We had to wait for my sister, Shella and aunty Litah from their office..

    Don’t worry the cooler box is empty..   Chrissa is helping her abang Govind..

    Chrissa and Sean anxiously waiting in the car..

    The Journey…

    We leave the house at 5.30pm..  The road was okay until we reached the junction to Kg. Sayap.. they are still gravel road on the way to uncle’s house..  we reached uncle’s house at 8.30pm.. pheww.. what a journey.. tiring .. luckily my children slept in the car during the journey.. time to sleep…

    The Next Day..

    Woke up at 6.30am… its a hot day.. but can’t resist myself to go outside to explore the place.. here are the pics i took that morning..

    The Fish Pond..

    Uncle Edward did a great job creating a nice fish pond..

    The Vegetable Garden..

    I managed to take few picture of the garden from the outside.. i didn’t go inside.. sorry if its not clear..As you can see here.. the tomatoes.. and brinjals.. wah wee.. i know somebody who love brinjal..

    well.. well… look what i found at the backyard… rabbits..

    The Small Water Fall

    Going down at the backyard…  there is a running water which actually from the Mount Kinabalu…  there is a tourism attraction near uncle’s place with nice water fall but we just rather swim here.. heard there are leeches at that place.. so no thanks.. sorry i just got this picture to share…

    We got tired after taking bath..  next,  time to eat.. but need to catch fish!

    The Fish Pond..

    Uncle Edward got a pond.. wa wee… so good to be true.. let see who catch fish..

    ... mummy caught fish.. daddy helping.. sharing their joy..

    .. my niece, sherene.. caught one too…

    … look at the fishes the got!!!

    The Foods..

    Thanks uncle.. he bought prawn from Pitas.. just for us.. yahoo.. i love prawn!!!

    brrppp!!! oops.. excuse me i burp.. time to rest..

    before we go back.. i take time.. trying the billiard.. well not really my game…

    we went back at 5.30pm… packed our bag.. it was indeed a great escape.. i love it.. anybody want to join me in the next trip.. email me.. i love to show you the way.  This place will be the first destination for my future Bed and Breakfast business.