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    Will Be Back Soon

    I have to take few days off from blogging, i hope not too long… .. If you wonder why i had to take off… don’t worry .. my boss did not installed any software to monitor whenever i keylogger to the internet and i am not going anywhere.

    I had to do what i had to do… that will be clearing my desk.. i really need time to do this without browsing the internet but i will once in a while.. maybe just check my email.  But i really hope i can clear my desk as soon as possible.. too many clusters.. make me sick.

    So.. dear friends.. i will try to clear my desk.. as fast as i can.. and i will update you with my latest story… actually so many of them… to name a few…  ‘doing my first local delicacy.. the tuhau’.., ‘the trip to kg. sayap’.. so dont forget to check this out.

    Will be back soooon!!!