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    Mummy’s Nite Out

    Mummy have been tired and stressed out… mummy need a time to relax… go out for a dinner with friends.. but most of my friends also can’t hardly go out especially at night due to commitment for family.

    Last week was a very busy day at work and when my friend told me that our boss had bought a table for our staff to the Shell Award in Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort and if i interested to go.  Well.. i wanted to go.. but .. who’s going to take care of the children?… i asked my mum if she can look after my kids Sunday night… her replied..’Ok bah kalu ko‘… , then i asked my husband, ‘dear, can i go out this Sunday nite?, i have a function with the office staff‘..   His first question is.. ‘ who’s taking care of the kids’?.. ‘mummy lah’ i replied,… ‘then why not.. go lah’.. yuuhuu.. my husband approved my passport for a nite out.

    The show was great… and i wanted to go there because of Stacy the AF winner.. i love her voice..let just say i’m a fan.   A few Af students performing that night,  starting from Candy.. ( i love her voice), Velvet (wah.. this girl memang malatup.. so talented) , Yazeer (he sang two slow rock song with his guitar..) , Nadia (she is so cute.. with her husky voice) and Stacy (She sang two songs … i love her.. but she look a bit tired) .  The last performer was Datuk Leonard Tan.. he is a pro… a great performer i must say… very talented indeed!

    There are few reporters receiving their awards and acknowledgment for their stories.., the foods was great… and guess what.. i managed to take photos with…

    This last photo is me with two pretty ladies, Carolyn and also my boss, Afieza.  Mummy had a great nite out… will update for more if mummy get other opportunity to escape.. lol.. lovely.