Keep On Coming!! Beautiza is Changing Theme

Dear bloggers,

Don’t be surprised for the changes and i will keep on changing my theme until i satisfied.  The content will be the same and this blog is still belong to BEAUTIZA… dont worry.. i will stop once i got the right theme.

Until then, keep on coming and drop your comment either in my comment box or in the cbox.


Shirley a.k.a. Beautiza

6 thoughts on “Keep On Coming!! Beautiza is Changing Theme”

  1. HI Shirley, I love wordpress. But I have been using blogger for such a long time that I don’t want to transfer my sultanazuleikha website from it. I wouldn’t say I’m very familiar with wordpress, but okaylah. 🙂

    I’m not using YM. But if you have gmail, We can chat through there. Can use the email address that I inserted here. 😀

  2. I agree with LJ..dis one better than d other one u upload..but alamak! I almost cannot read wat im typing..can change d font colour kah for dis 😉

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