Special Birthday In August

There are so many people celebrating their birthday in August, I love to wish my relatives … A Happy Birthday…

12 August  –   My nephew, Daniel Bonaventure

14 August –    My one and only brother, Bonaventure

24 August –    My nephew, Govind Jeremiah

28 August –    My nephew, Gabriel a.k.a. Joey

29 August –    My elder sister, Sharon

31 August –    My younger sister, Shella

All of you are so special to me, to Shella, sorry can’t give you any one of the Guess watches you dreaming of, maybe next time or just keep dreaming about it..

I am sure love is everything than material… the love we share is so much meaningful… I love you all and glad being part of the family.

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6 Responses to “Special Birthday In August”

  1. I did not recall to get GUESS WATCHES for my birthday…I believe it’s in your list of gift.I dream of getting a …mmm let me check my long list…it’s too long…will forward to prayer..sweet!

  2. shirley says:

    mm.. not you kah? must be somebody else lah.. who could it be?.. hope your dream will come true.. God Bless!!!

  3. Cay says:

    atukoi the whole august will be special niii ..must buy big cake nii shir ..bagi tau shela ask her to buy hari kemerdekaan cake hehehe anyway ..so siok bah like this kan

  4. shirley says:

    shella ada wish tu kay… ko tau kah apa? hehehe

  5. papajoneh says:

    my twins are in august too.. remember … no guess watches??? hehehe

  6. shirley says:

    ya pulak… Preston & Presley.. lupa add them in the list…

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