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    Bloggers Please Help Me!

    Dear Blogger Friends,

    I just succeeded in changing my layout theme but still learning, when i wanted to add few list to my blogroll lists I accidently deleted the whole list… OMIGOD!

    I can’t believe i did such mistake but please give me time to add your address here and i also need your help if possible, please drop your comment here so that its easier for me to get your address or else i would need few strollers to pick up the address from one blog to another.. phew…

    Terribly sorry, i will try my best to add your link here as soon as possible, if you don’t see your blog address or you want me to add your address here, please, please, please inform me.  I dont want to leave out anyone of you in the list.. because you have been there for me… thanks!

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    Special Birthday In August

    There are so many people celebrating their birthday in August, I love to wish my relatives … A Happy Birthday…

    12 August  –   My nephew, Daniel Bonaventure

    14 August –    My one and only brother, Bonaventure

    24 August –    My nephew, Govind Jeremiah

    28 August –    My nephew, Gabriel a.k.a. Joey

    29 August –    My elder sister, Sharon

    31 August –    My younger sister, Shella

    All of you are so special to me, to Shella, sorry can’t give you any one of the Guess watches you dreaming of, maybe next time or just keep dreaming about it..

    I am sure love is everything than material… the love we share is so much meaningful… I love you all and glad being part of the family.