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    How I Wasted Time In The Morning

    This will start my headache early in the morning, especially when my children started their nonsense. It takes them 15 minute instead of only 5 minute to go down the stairs.

    I just let them take their sweet time, i can’t do much but sometimes its really make lost my patience especially whenever i was late to work. Its easier and quicker if i carry Chrissa down but she want to go down on her own, sing and dance at the same time, for Sean, if he is not in good mood, he will sit on the stair or do some ultraman action while walking down. It really wasting my time.. phew..  This is where my time wasted in the morning besides the jam on the road.

    Maybe i need to give each of them new pocket watches, give them responsibilities and check who is the fastest, not a competition actually just to make my life easier.