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Market Trip

I always look forward for Wednesday, its my husband’s off day.  Its the day where i can be a bit relax and the time when my husband will cook us dinner, kids just love it, we will have more than 2 dishes on the dining table instead of only soup and another simple recipe by mummy.

Hubby bought chicken and vegetables from donggongon market, phew…thanks a lot dear, its easier to shop without children. Last week, i had no choice but to bring Chrissa with me to the market, i only spent RM3.00 for these vegetables but it was quite heavy for me to carry in the plastic bags and holding Chrissa at the same time.

Imagine have to look after my children walking on the stairs and at the same time holding few plastic bags in your hand juggling with it, ahhh.. pity my fingers.   I really need  to replace these plastic bags to the mesh grocery bags that are made of cotton mesh woven from strong sting.

I really love to have these design, not only it reusable later but i just love the design is so cool.  I will definately get this style.  So my next trip to the market will be easier.

4 thoughts on “Market Trip”

  1. i was quite surprise too… its good to buy there (Wong Kwok market) they called it… they sell in bulk.. if its too much for you can share with other family. I did so, because its too much for my small family.. i send half to my parents.. worth it!

  2. Shir ..wah that is very cheap ohhh ..with those carrot harga rm1.00 jah kah adidi ..uinaa u got this topic ..ive been aiming this but cannot grab ohhh ..aduiii help me lah ..hehehe

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