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Ultraman In Action

I have been talking about Ultraman in my previous post and its seems like a never ending story to me.  My children have been behaving good in the car with me in the car, especially Sean so i thought of buying him something as a treat.   We went to Karamunsing Complex last week,  we bring them to RCH Chicken Rice.. they didnt finished their food, imagine while we were eating Sean and Chrissa went out to the toys shop nearby.  They are so eager to check out the toys, me and hubby took turn to check on them, we didn’t really finished the meal… i dont need weight loss pills to lose weight, running and eating at the same time does the trick.

As promised, a treat for Sean… ‘Ultraman Toy’… now the biggest from his other ultramans toys.

First day got the Ultraman… he got so excited until he slept with the toy….

Oh well… my Chrissa take her turn playing with this Ultraman!!..

103 thoughts on “Ultraman In Action”

  1. Sean is going to be a handsome guy when he grows up. 😀

    Headache arr, pretty daughter also. 😛 YOur husband will have a hard time with the boys.

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