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My workloads are up to my neck… what a Monday!… its going to be a long weekend for me… work!work!work!.  I got to think positive in order to complete my task on time but inside of me.. i wanted to shout… heeelllppp!!! stop giving me work!!!!… phew.. dont worry i can calm myself.   I hated it whenever my big big bos got a last minute invitiation and require a speech to deliver, i have to do so many phone calls to the organizers to get draft speeches and its annoying when you get people whom can’t understand what you trying to say… if you know what i mean… .

This few weeks going to be a busy weeks for me but i will still have time to do blogging.. cant live without it.. my work need a lot of more mental concentration, tele-conversation and typing.  Not much physical movement but i will sure have a quick weight loss even no calories burn.   I am only exercising my fingers but not my body… i better find time to exercise for more energy and good memory.


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