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    Another Imagination

    Monday… Monday.. what can you say….the starting of a week and there are so many things i need to do, so many things need to be completed but while working i managed to peek and drop comments in  few blogs.   Besides my own things, i am also helping my daddy to settle his case and help my brother follow-up with few things.  I am not complaining… i am more than willing to help my family, that’s what family for.. help each other.  I need to do things one at a time and slow and steady.. or else.. somebody will go crazy..lol..’touch wood’.

    I am sure once everything settled i can relax… i am imagining myself and my family having our relaxing chat near the pool…   I am sure my imagination will come true someday, my family just love to have family celebration together… in the future we going to have our celebrations outdoor, what we need is an outdoor furniture covers, so for now its just another imagination.

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    Need Bigger Screen TV?

    Another tired weekend with only me and my two kids. Well, no more complaint.. mummy got to do what mummy got to do. Its hard to wake them up everyday for schools but they woke up early that Saturday… oh my. I started my early Saturday as a referee for my children, fighting over their favourite programme, Sean want to watch his ‘Ultraman’s VCD, while Chrissa want to watch ‘Playhouse Disney‘. Their voices are louder than the TV volume… with high pitch.

    My husband ever thought of buying a DLP tv but i am sure we going to watch more ‘drama’ from our children. Nowadays mummy and daddy only watched whatever our children watch… so you asked me to get a bigger screen… no thank you… i dont want to watch Ultraman fighting everyday. The only time i can watch my favourite programme when my children were sleeping and that time i can’t even concentrate… too sleepy!

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    Verified At Last

    I had created a paypal account once I received payment from Triangle Direct, for doing assignments. The first amount I received was 20usd, wow I was so happy, since then I have been doing more and more assignments. My best friend, Fele had asked me to apply for Debit Card from Public Bank, which I should have done earlier. My account shows that I was Unverified, I used my credit card to link to my account but I guess I was so impatience when I saw 270usd in my account. I really need the money and even asked Ladyjava and Papajoneh for help.

    At last on 30th July 2008, I was a Verified user after being Unverified for  a few months. Its not hard to be a verified user if you read the instruction thoroughly and a little patience. Today I check my account I got another 50usd…. Yippee!!.yee!!..yee!!.. I got extra money to pay my bills and shopping. Mmmm I should request for more assignments… ‘more money, more money’ I can save money to bring my family for cruises.  My first destination will be Australia.