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    Happy Wedding Anniversary

    I am so happy to blog about this…. My parent’s 36th wedding anniversary! Married on 29 July 1972. Blessed with four children, 3 girls and a boy, and now they have 10 grandchildren.

    There were ups and down in our journey as a family… they were hard times but our family stick together.

    Daddy & Mummy,

    Thanks for being there for us, during our happy and hard times. Whenever we asked for help, you will be there no matter what, you thought us to ‘love people who hurt us most’ ridiculous and impossible we thought but its the reason why your marriage survive. Mum have done a lot to keep our family together and she still look pretty… i don’t remember she had done any acne treatment in her life. Both of you are still young at heart… loving and sporting grandparents!…

    We Love both of you from the deep of our heart…. We Love you always…..

    From :

    your children,

    Sharon & Geodfrey, Shirley & Christopher, Bonaventure & Doreen, and Shella

    your grandchildren,

    Sherene, Govind, Gerard, Joey, Claire, Sean Matthew, Chrissa Marie, Dawson, Daniel, and Bridget.


    O Almighty God, you gave us the commandment to honor our father and mother. In your loving kindness hear my prayer for my parents.Give them long lives and keep them well in body and spirit. Bless their labors; keep them always in your care. Bless them generously for their loving care for me. Grant that, through your grace, I may always be their support and comfort, and that, after our life together on earth, we may experience the joy of together praising you forever.  Amen.