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    Home At Last

    I woke up yesterday by the message alert on my hp….‘sis, we will transit to Brunei and leaving at 5.15pm from there’ . So ‘today is the day’… my parents and sister coming back home. My husband definitely can’t fetch them so i had to plan ahead. At 4.30 i left the office with my colleague, Juvi… i offer her a ride to her daughter’s school and at the same time she can helped me look after Chrissa. Finally we reached Asia City Complex where my niece anxiously waited for us.

    We reached the airport at 5.40pm, parked the car and waited. We got excited to see ..Royal Brunei… ‘landed’ on the screen exactly at 6.07pm. Chrissa doesn’t want to walk at first but when she saw so many people in the Arrival Hall… she went in.. together with Sean.. they were running near those people waiting for their luggage, i was running like a mad lady in between those people but managed to grab both of them out of the area. They didnt stop there, they run at the hallway and made 3 rounds… so tiring catching them…ya.. ya .. kids had fun but mummy going mad.

    Parents and sister came out from the Arrival Hall almost 7.00pm. Bought KFC and headed home. The interesting part was the time their took out their things from their bag… no rubis item found, sharp items prohibited but my kids drooling when they saw few catchy items.

    So happy to have them home at last! my sister will blog about her trip and i will get few pics for my next post.