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    I Miss Them Very Much

    Its been 6 days without my parents and sister… staying in that big house make me feels so tired… My son have been changing clothes 3-4 times a day, he doesn’t want to wear his own clothes instead he wears his cousin’s clothes (Dawson and Daniel). Whenever he played on his own i can hear he mentioned … ‘Daniel!… ultraman’… ‘Dawson…. be careful’ ...i don’t know why but i am sure he missed them a lot.

    My Chrissa also have been asking about Bridget, yesterday she heard children’s voice..coming from the neighbour’s house next door… she looked at me ‘mummy… nah ke’ke’ awson, nanel … nah mummy bridget’... oh i wanted to cry but i said.. they are all in Australia. I know she wondered why only us staying in that house, my children keep on asking me ‘where is mama?’, whenever i replied .. ‘Australia’… ‘mama?’, ‘mummyla?’.. they looked very sad.. in my heart sunken.. deeply missed them also.

    I am counting the days… plus today, another 3 days to go.. I cannot imagine staying somewhere without my family members by my side. I had to use the blemish acne cream to cover my pimples that keep on popping out.. oh my.

    Every night and day i pray for their safety, God’s protection and guidance… sending angels to be with them all the time. Help me and hear me Lord.