I Am Happy Employee a.k.a Blogger

Yaahoo!! my pc in the office are know connected with sreamyx and its 80% more fasther than usual, well 10% for the less expected.  My colleague had helped me with all the connection and installing, i’m not sure if he used the CAT6 cable for that purpose but it sure make me happy.

You will see this happy blogger blog hopping more than usual and write post more than before, well it depend on my ideas and assignment.  I see you when i hop hop hop… hehehe.. watch out bloggers… here i come!

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2 Responses to “I Am Happy Employee a.k.a Blogger”

  1. bonn says:

    hi again…emily contacted me yesterday.. and we have a great sabahan chat… he he.. thought she is in Melbourne…we might have the chance to meet them there…may’be during holiday….hopefully…

  2. shirley says:

    Emily? not Imelda kah? lol.. wah so great kan.. update me if you all meet each other kio… love you all!

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