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    I Am Happy Employee a.k.a Blogger

    Yaahoo!! my pc in the office are know connected with sreamyx and its 80% more fasther than usual, well 10% for the less expected.  My colleague had helped me with all the connection and installing, i’m not sure if he used the CAT6 cable for that purpose but it sure make me happy.

    You will see this happy blogger blog hopping more than usual and write post more than before, well it depend on my ideas and assignment.  I see you when i hop hop hop… hehehe.. watch out bloggers… here i come!

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    Carrying My Duties

    My brother had asked my parents to take care of their house even before he and his family left to Adelaide, my parents did a great job looking after the house, my mum even plants vegetables and flowers, she created a small and nice garden.   What a deal, my brother paying, my parents staying, lucky he can postponed but i’m sure if he had alternative he might foreclosure the loan.  

    It not even a month after they left now my parents and sister enjoying themselves with the youth all over the world in Brisbane for 10 days, so guess what, i have been given a responsibily to take care of the house.  Not only the big, double storey house but also my sister’s car, my daddy’s car and …. my niece.  I missed my cozy, cute and small apartment, we will alternate our stay.  The best thing is this house located near to our offices and my son’s school but have to send my niece to college in the city.

    I had to carry my duties, its my responsibility, thats what we do… help each other but this is a big responsibility.  Without realizing it, i have been checking her ‘where are you?’, ‘what time is your class?’, ‘what time are you coming back?‘ and i even nagged, i sound like my mother sometimes… lol..   I always heard my colleagues called their children at home ‘sudah angkat kain?’ ‘sudah mandi’?, ‘jangan lupa masak nasi’…. funny because the other day i called my niece saying familliar lines… so i know how it feels to have a teenager around.

    Today i had to turned down a fantastic offer… ‘a ticket worth RM500 sponsored by my boss to a palliative care dinner …featuring ABBA (not the original one)  ‘  .. i wanted to go but my niece’s class end at 6.00pm today so i dont want her to go back by bus, its quite late.  Instead of having a fun dinner, i had to go to the city with my two kids but lucky i had my friend Juvi with me, since we are going to the same destination and i need a help to look after daughter, we had a safe journey.  I asked my niece to take a bus to go to Complex Asia City, so I was on my own with my two active kids in Asia City Complex running around the shopping complex, managed to make them sit down, had a drink and eat bun while waiting for my niece…but the best thing.. Sean had to go to the toilet… oh my.. he really had too… so funny if i think about it.  I dont know how to wash Sean when my daugther had to be carried all the time, lucky a good samaritan who was in the toilet talk to Chrissa while i wash Sean… phew…  At about 6.30pm i was so glad my niece managed to find where we were… another safe journey for us.  Its my responsibility so got to do my duty.