Another Headache

My parents and my sister, Shella will be joining other groups from Malaysia, particularly Neo-cath group from Sabah.   They are proudly joining the World Youth Day in Brisbane, Australia.   Happy they can be but still another headache, my dad forgot to prepare one important document and now only one day left for him do it.   Oh my, another headache.. please not another last minute problem as what my brother went through in the airport.

I am helping him with it,  i really hope everything going to be ok.  Only one day left.. hopefully he will get it tomorrow!  We are fully depending on miracle.

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3 Responses to “Another Headache”

  1. edna says:

    wow Australia!! have fun ok.

  2. colyn says:

    Australia will always be in their hearts from now on..banyak memories 🙂

  3. shirley says:

    Colyn n Edna,
    Excited bah dorang ni… i’m left behind.. so kesian..

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