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    Study Again!… Should I?

    Early this year, my colleague persuaded me to enrolled in one of the colleges in town, i am not into it at first but since the class will be twice in a month, i say why not give it a try. furthermore, its good for my career (can get higher post and of course higher salary).  I received a called few weeks after i sent my application, i was accepted but i wasn’t ready, i asked them to KIV to the next intake.

    My friend Juvi sms me this afternoon informing me that her application was accepted and was asked to registered for the second intake that is in July. She told me that my name is under KIV and its up to me when i want to register.

    Oh dear, oh dear… now i don’t really know what to do. I don’t want to get myself into more problems, i am juggling now with not enough rest and not enough money.

    Actually i love the idea of 1 year course and only meet up in class twice a month because the course mostly depending on e-learning.  So should i go ahead with this study? Should i or should i not?  sigh…  i have few days left to think about it.