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    I Received Awards

    Yuuhuu… i received this award from my lovely friend Ladyjava. I love it, thanks very much LJ. My computer memory ram need to be upgraded, it has being slow lately and not only that, my brain need upgrading too.

    I am not going to keep this award to myself, i love to share it to my friends.  I am sending the lorry driver with these loads of awards to cay, fele, carolyn, mel, hilda, luthie, valarie and syari . By the way, i have asked Tom Cruise to drive this lorry… just grab the rewards and not the driver okay.

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    Adelaide Here They Come!

    The time has come, my brother leaving to Adelaide, Australia to further study and he bring his family along with him. Everything was so last minute, my sister in-law was in KL (for her course and study) for few weeks since January, only stayed at home in KK a week in a month. My brother was so busy with his work, even he said he is on leave but still need to attend meeting and other occasions in KL and abroad.

    They were still busy packing their things the night before their flight… imagine that, how stressed can it be. Their flight was on 30 June, at 5.30 pm, we arrived at 2.30 pm. He was queuing up to check in his luggages but one after another problems arise, luggages was over the limit because of that they bought two bags to transfer their things. While he is ready to que again, the passport went missing… can you imagine how we feel? My brother looked so stress but he tried to calm himself, luckily i found the passports save in his knap sack. The problems didn’t end there, problems occurred with his luggages again then their children passports, long queue waiting for their turn. He had to see the Manager to deal with that matter.

    Everything settled exactly at 5.05 pm, we sent them to the boarding area. Thanks God everything alright, thank you everybody, relatives from both side of the family that have been helpful during the stressful moments.

    Goodbye Bona, wish you all the best in your study! Doreen, now that you have are a full time home manager for 4 years, may God give you strength dealing with the kids and husband too, i bet you don’t need list of best diet pills to get slim… you know what i mean. My children, Dawson, you are strong and brave boy, i am sure you can adapt to the environment and mix with new friends very fast, Daniel, i miss you already.. don’t ask mummy to carry you, you already a big boy, Bridget, i love you girl.