My Body Aching

On Wednesday (25/06/08) .. i fetch Sean from school, 15 minute reaching home, Sean told me he wants to go to the toilet… i said hold on we are reaching home. I just hate my husband’s working hours 9.00am-7.00pm, so ridiculous, i have problem fetching my children. Anyway, while driving, i asked Sean how is he feeling… he keep quite. I asked him, if its ok if we fetch Chrissa first, he said ok. When i reached my friend’s home, i saw Chrissa waiting to go home, good… no need for me to get her at the 1st floor.

Reaching the parking, Sean looked pale, ‘mummy! mummy! i want to go to the toilet now!’ Oh my God, how am going to do this… Sean can’t even moved his feet. I don’t want anything to happened while he walk to the stairs.. i have no choice.. i need to act fast. Without thinking further, i carried both of them to my 2nd floor apartment, with a few bags left and right my shoulder. A few steps before reaching my apartment’s door, i feel my steps getting smaller and slower but my children cheering me.. ‘mummy! mummy! faster! faster!’, i guess they are having so much fun. Once the door opened, Sean ran to the toilet… so kesian my son, he really had the diarrhea again.

I let them watched TV, while i prepared food for everybody in the kitchen but i can feel my body aching so badly. My husband reached home at 8.30pm, everybody tired and sleepy.

For me, i can still feel my body aching…really bad. I got really sick with flu, swollen tonsil, i need to get rid of my toxic in my body system, i might need colon cleanser to get rid of that. I pray to God to give me strength to take care of my family and our family always blessed with good health.

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7 Responses to “My Body Aching”

  1. LadyJava says:

    Hope you’re feeling better dearie….

    Eh come on over and pick up your awards!

  2. shirley says:

    Hi dear, thanx for the award i love it… waiting for the lorry to come in front of my house..

  3. queen bee says:

    Nice design you have here, i didn’t notice it the first time i was here… I loved to collect photos like this when i was a teenager.. heee.

  4. shirley says:

    Hi Queen bee, thanx for dropping comment… which design tu ah?

  5. Cay says:

    hi shir ..waduh i can imagine u carry ur kids lah ..odoi ..superwoman lah u this kalu sia tuu mau kapisan sudah hehehe

  6. shirley says:

    mmm what to do.. my body recovering dah ni..slowly lah.. main sabar ja ni. what to do

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