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Panic Buying of Fuel Again

I heard people in the office talking about the rumours that the Petrol Stations in the states will be on strike but i don’t really care about it, my mind was thinking about Chrissa.  I heard one of my friends keep on calling his friends informing his friends about it (che.. he is one of them who spread rumours).

I was rushing home yesterday after Chrissa’s nanny called me that Chrissa got diarrhea again..  I went out early from the office, fetch Sean at 2.30pm.   On my home, i got stuck in the jam, there were long queues at the Esso Petrol Stations… ‘aiya this rumours spread so fast’.   Seriously, i never thought its going to be like this but managed to passed the the 1st Esso Station within 20 minutes wait.  The road was cleared but until i reached the Bundusan-Beverly’s junction, oh my.. it was massive jams, lucky Sean stayed calm even though one hour on the road.  I  know he felt uneasy under the burning sun.

Once we passed the petrol station, i went to Wong Kwok wet market to buy vege and foods.  I reached home at 4.20pm, bring all the things, sean’s bag to our 2nd floor apartment, changed my clothes and went to get Chrissa at the other block.

What a day for everybody! 

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