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    My Children Got Sick Again…

    My mum called me on Thursday that my Chrissa was not feeling well.  My husband was Off-day on that day.. i had to do this on my own.  I leave early from the office, i reached my parent’s home at 4.00pm, took Chrissa and drive to fetch my son, Sean from school in Likas.  Sean’s teacher took Chrissa for a tour in the classroom… she loves it.

    Sean was sitting at the back seat while Chrissa at the passenger seat in front but she feels so tired that she have to sit on my lap…   I cant refused, she was so tired and sleepy… she falls asleep on my moving arm… so kesian… lucky Sean was busy coloring his book.

    That night Chrissa vomited and got her diarrhea again… oh my.. i rub balm oilmen to relieve her pain.  I didn’t get enough sleep.. kesian my baby girl.

    Morning i have no choice but to send my husband to work and son to school… so i drove all the way to Likas with Chrissa.  On the way back home, we went to clinik in Bundusan… .i request for big bottle in case my son will kena.  I’m so happy that i was with her, taking care of her… exhausted but she really makes me feel good.  I asked my dad to fetch Sean from school because i don’t want him to get sick sharing the same air with us.

    Sunday morning, my husband sent us to my parent’s house before he went to work…  My dad told me, my son kena diarrhea.. o doi… not again..  lucky my husband off day today…(monday).. so he have to take care of our children.  I might take my leave  tomorrow to take care of them.. adui.. what to do.. thats what we call… sacrifices.