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My Principle

If i stumble and fall, i will stand and walk again.. If i failed, i will try strive to succeed.. I get emotional too, sometimes just cant hide the feelings. I have my way on how to release my stress, i cry out loud and pray to God… after that feel much better.. thats just my style. Sometimes you cant share personal problems to everybody, I need the right time and the right people to talk too.

I let out my stress by crying out loud to God, its helps me to forget the problems i had from my system memory.  I need time to heal, its hard to forgive and forget.. i need to do one thing at a time.

My principle, i try my best to cover my sadness and i dont like people to pity me.  Sometimes explanation make it even worse… just leave it as it is… move on to a new chapter. 

Stress can lead me to sickness and i don’t need that… need to be strong.  I am being positive in whatever things that happened in life.. life goes on… no need to cry, no need to stop.


  • Cay

    Yup whatever it is for sure it is good to let it out by crying, to share with certain people and most of all pray to god. Shir ..u are not alone ..u know where to let it out ok ..

  • shirley

    Cay & Fele,

    you know my style kan… after crying i’m so over it… ofcoz takes time to heal lah… but i’m okay oledy..thanx

  • lola

    to cover sadness sometimes makes me unhappy. makes me keep thinking about it. some things you need to tell someone who listens to ur problem..some you may keep it to urself. 😀

  • shirley

    hi Lola, . if i tell my problem to wrong people it might hurt some more… better keep it to myself first.. slowly i let it out of my chess..

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