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    My Principle

    If i stumble and fall, i will stand and walk again.. If i failed, i will try strive to succeed.. I get emotional too, sometimes just cant hide the feelings. I have my way on how to release my stress, i cry out loud and pray to God… after that feel much better.. thats just my style. Sometimes you cant share personal problems to everybody, I need the right time and the right people to talk too.

    I let out my stress by crying out loud to God, its helps me to forget the problems i had from my system memory.  I need time to heal, its hard to forgive and forget.. i need to do one thing at a time.

    My principle, i try my best to cover my sadness and i dont like people to pity me.  Sometimes explanation make it even worse… just leave it as it is… move on to a new chapter. 

    Stress can lead me to sickness and i don’t need that… need to be strong.  I am being positive in whatever things that happened in life.. life goes on… no need to cry, no need to stop.