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Housing Development in Tuaran

We went to St. John, Tuaran church this morning and i see there are a lot of housing development on the way.  Its not only new housing but also apartments… Wow.. soon the road going to be busy once the housing occupied.  

I was surprised to see the price ‘RM335,00.00 on their billboard…  its so expensive.. i think the price are for the corner lots but i still think its too expensive for the area but i’m not sure how big the house is.   I hope the developer are using good quality of materials and maybe who knows they are using faucet brand for the kitchen and bathroom.

I would love to visit their show unit but unable too because we were rushing to go home after the Mass.  I will definately give you more information about the new housing area if i have the details.

6 thoughts on “Housing Development in Tuaran”

  1. wowee which part of tuaran la this. that’s my kampung!!
    i used to cycle around there malam-malam. now the roads are so busy, takut mau cycle anymore.
    i used to stay near the temple dulu!

  2. If i remember it correctly, when we go visit saudara di Tuaran dulu, kiri kana tu jalan telipok tu mcm berbukit-bukit bah. Sekarang mana ada lagi… sudah diratakan dan diganti dengan housing 😀

    Ko mau beli rumah sana? Ada gia pamaren rumah di Karamunsing tu.. ndak taulah sdh abis atau blm

  3. iya bah.. dulu we stayed in Tuaran tapi the house slalu kena banjir.. i want to build house .. nanti i invite bloggers to my house warming kio.

  4. entahlah ni.. baru pasang angan2 ni… aku cari duit lu.. nanti aku jemput juga mr.ornest sekeluarga..hehehe

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