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    So I Got A Voucher

    My boss gave each of us RM180 Voucher to stay in one of the resort in Tuaran.  So i asked a silly questions..‘is it free?’… ‘well no its not, you need to pay RM180’.. my boss replied.  Just being curious, i called the resort about the voucher.. she said if normal rates its RM195, but with that voucher you will get the sea view.  Mmm okay.. so we are paying extra for the sea veiw?.. mm well i just keep the voucher .. its valid until December 2008.. who knows can go on holiday with that so-called special voucher.

    But I really need a vacation,  just to relax myself and have fun with my family..  who knows somebody give me a free voucher to stay in St Barts Villa Rentals.. who knows.. it might be a dream come true someday.

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    Keeping Up With Assignments

    The internet connection in the office are very slow.. i just cant do my assignment on time.  Lucky my brother let me use his celcom broadband, i am keeping up with my assignments… its cost lots of money.  I got so limited time and i need to keep my idea going.  Its been so long that i never work until midnight, for sure i will get dark circle around my eyes and i can see my pimples popping out.. ouch.. never mind i will use natural acne treatment to get rid of that… i dont care… as long as i my assignments completed on time and my money in the account.

    I am almost done here… only few assignments to go… after this i can take my break and uuh i cant wait to withdraw my money from the paypal.