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While I Was Away

I was attending a three days course ‘Professionalism in Secretarial’ organized by INTAN in KK.Well overall the course was full of information and the best thing is… I met new friends, most of them are Personal Assistants/Secretaries from Federal and State Government.

While I was on course I managed to get a peek at my blog from their Library’s PC, a quick one. I was thinking of my assignments that is still pending and at the same time worried about my Debit Card that didn’t reached me on time.  I wonder what happen to the card and I managed to write my future posting in my memo during the break.

So when I got back to work today, I saw a letter on my desk ‘PosLaju’… wah this must be it… yes exactly…I got my Debit Card.. yahoo!! My colleague said the letter have been waiting for me since Tuesday. .. great just in time to pay my car insurance that will be expired in July.

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