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She’s Going To College

‘She is grown up… so grown up… that means .. i’m getting really really old’.. . I told me sister when i found out that my niece, Sherene will be going to college this week. I remember her as a talkative cute and tiny girl … but now she is bigger and taller than me… mmm .. (sigh) how times flies…

She loves cooking, i thought she is going for culinary but she decided taking Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality instead. I think Tourism have a big market in Sabah, i don’t think you will have problem searching for job in the future and same goes with IT. IT Job search is also have a high demand.

Whatever it is, College is a place to gain knowledge and meet new friends….So its no turning back… its going to be two and a half years course, so i hope she will do her very best.


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