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A Chat With A Stranger

I am so happy after getting my Debit Card.. but I am still not so sure on how to go about it.  I need help…. for sure i have somebody in mind.. I emailed Ladyjava‘RE  :  I NEED TO CALL YOU’..  She replied instantly, yes sure dear..and she gave me her number.   Wah this is good..   When I dialed her number.. I imagine how does she sound like? I was nervous waiting for her to answer her handphone.  hello, yes…. is this Shirley? she sound so sweet…  She knew I that I’m so desperate because I put the subject in bold..hehehe.  We are a total strangers but its like we know each other for sooo long…


Thanks dear, you are a great help to me… I owe you millions.. So i hope we can meet one day, if you come to Sabah, I will bring you to 1Borneo Shopping Complex and buy you coffee, you just choose any coffee tables..  and we can chat forever.  


  • LadyJava

    LOL!!! you don’t sound nervous at lahh Shirley!!

    It was nice talking to you too and I hope I managed to help you somewhat.. so you can spend you hard earned money too ya!!

    Eh I love the “coffee table” bit.. very creative.. well done.. and coffee on you sounds awesome…lolzz!!

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