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    I Am Who I Am

    I am who i am, nobody can change how i feel.  I am a human being, i have feelings too.  Although sometimes you see me smile and laugh.. and even throw stupid jokes doesnt mean i dont feel hurt inside.  Its nobody fault .. this is just how i feel.

    I am sorry if you think that i am being selfish by posting this story… this is how i let my feeling out.  Sometimes talking to people really hurts especially if they dont know how you feel.. and the worst part is being unappreciated. 

    I am who i am, i work for money … to survive .. thats for sure and on top of that i am dedicated to do my job.  Sometimes i really feel like bullied, i mean.. yes call me in the middle of the night just to get information, being scolded on the phone just because i didnt answered the phone on time… and there were times that i was called at night just to asked me to go to come to the office at 7.30 in the morning.  I did everything they told me to do… ‘stay back ok’… i stayed back… there are a few occasions that i have to fetch my son from his nursery and bring him to the office… just to make sure my job completed.. gosh..while others just say.. bye bye bye.. with reasons… i never come up with reason.. such an idiot me.

    Mmmm i dont want any reward.. nope.. thats not me..but atleast an honest appreciation.  I wanted to cry .. yes i wanted too..but seems like no more tear drops..  I hate those people that keep on telling me ‘thank you shirley you did a good job’.. now i know they said that just to let me do what they want me to do… but at the end of the day.. you are history!

    So i am who i am… blame it on the hormon… that i love being straight forward and not talking or complaining  behind.  This is not dedicated to anybody… its just how i feel.. i need to let it out… i’m not blaming anybody. 

    Dont worry.. i am who i am, i dont need self defense products to get you out of my way.. i am strong .. and keep going strong.   I am thankful to my friends that understand me very much and give me support and encouragement.  

    There are times that i really break down… but I know Jesus always hold my hands and lead my way.. he never leave me alone. 

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    A Chat With A Stranger

    I am so happy after getting my Debit Card.. but I am still not so sure on how to go about it.  I need help…. for sure i have somebody in mind.. I emailed Ladyjava‘RE  :  I NEED TO CALL YOU’..  She replied instantly, yes sure dear..and she gave me her number.   Wah this is good..   When I dialed her number.. I imagine how does she sound like? I was nervous waiting for her to answer her handphone.  hello, yes…. is this Shirley? she sound so sweet…  She knew I that I’m so desperate because I put the subject in bold..hehehe.  We are a total strangers but its like we know each other for sooo long…


    Thanks dear, you are a great help to me… I owe you millions.. So i hope we can meet one day, if you come to Sabah, I will bring you to 1Borneo Shopping Complex and buy you coffee, you just choose any coffee tables..  and we can chat forever.  

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    While I Was Away

    I was attending a three days course ‘Professionalism in Secretarial’ organized by INTAN in KK.Well overall the course was full of information and the best thing is… I met new friends, most of them are Personal Assistants/Secretaries from Federal and State Government.

    While I was on course I managed to get a peek at my blog from their Library’s PC, a quick one. I was thinking of my assignments that is still pending and at the same time worried about my Debit Card that didn’t reached me on time.  I wonder what happen to the card and I managed to write my future posting in my memo during the break.

    So when I got back to work today, I saw a letter on my desk ‘PosLaju’… wah this must be it… yes exactly…I got my Debit Card.. yahoo!! My colleague said the letter have been waiting for me since Tuesday. .. great just in time to pay my car insurance that will be expired in July.