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Take Control Due To High Cost Of Living

Our Prime Minister announced that petrol and diesel prices will rise up to 80sen to RM2.70 and RM2.58 per litre, respectively, effectively midnight Wednesday. We were watching the news last night and my dad decided to fill up his car tank at the nearest petrol station across the road. To our surprise, there were a massive jam to the petrol station, people are panic with the situation.

Oh dear, not only petrol but know we have tight supply on rice, which means there will be a price hike soon on rice. There are no more cheap things nowadays, not even cheap life insurance. Sometimes I wonder why are they building shopping complexes but the people can’t afford to shop there and the salary in Sabah are still small.

So I guess, we need to do something to help ourselves moving on. For a start, why don’t we start planting vegetables, at least no need for us to go to the market, okay we saved few ringgit there. Cut off dining outside, in the restaurant, fast food and bring food to the office, not only it saves our money but also the cleanliness and its hygiene’s. So that’s my idea, of course its easy to say but sometimes its hard to do… just try doing it one at a time and see how it goes. Don’t let the high cost of living stop ourselves from achieving something. The government cant help us, we help ourselves.


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