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Skinny And Healthy

When I was a young girl, my cousins used to teased me by calling me names like ‘si kurus’( the skinny one) and ‘si bangau’ (stork). Mmmm looking back those years, I feel like being bullied, feels like a skinny and ugly girl… so stressful. I pity myself back then.

I remember I had weight gain that reach above 50kg during my confinement, after I gave birth to my son, Sean in 2003. That was so scary, my clothes won’t fit my body and I have to wear my mum’s clothes for a few months. Lucky me, I lost weigh without taking any diet pills and I am happy with my body now, 45kg is good enough. Don’t get me wrong, I am not skinny and sexy, there is fat here and there but I don’t mind as long as I am healthy.

After what I have been through in my childhood, I believe we, as parents have a role to play, just let our children know that it is ok to be skinny or fat, as long as they are healthy.


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