My Long Holidays

I just came back to the Office today, it was a long holiday for me…30th May falls on Friday and i took another 2 days leave on Monday and Tuesday, including weekend 5 long holidays for me.

My husband had to work during the holidays, so i was on and off at my parents house and on weekend i was on my own with my children, taking care of them and cleaning my house at the same time. On Monday, i had to help babysit my two clever and active nephews, Dawson and Daniel…but lucky i got my teenage niece as my assistant… oh dear! Let just say i experience being a housewife during my holidays.. phew.. what a job that was.

That was a long tiring and exciting holidays for me, who knows my next long holiday will be staying in any hotels in las vegas, with Spa’s treatment, casinos and probably shops till i drop.. I just hope there will be another exciting long holidays for me… dear God.. hear me! hear me!… lol.

If you asked me, if ever i want to be a full time housewife.. well not at this moment, i am still enjoying my office job and a mummy at the same time. Maybe in the future if i reach my financial freedom, i might consider staying at home with the children and when the time come, i might be busy, sending and fetching them from school and tution.. etc. The time will come.

I took this picture long ago when there were still small and easy to take care… now.. adui can get migraine. hehe.. but there are so close with each other.. Chrissa happy with her, ke’ke Dawson, Daniel and her brother Sean. They always fight with each another and the next thing you know they will be playing again.. as usual lah..

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7 Responses to “My Long Holidays”

  1. jppmom says:

    hmm patutlah u tada d ofis when i called..anyway, bestnye ko bercuti panjang..hehehe but panjang jua penderitaan kan 😉

  2. shirley says:

    Hi fele, nice to c u dropping a comment here… memanglah best but so tiring…

  3. Hilda says:

    Wah! Semua pun dekat2 sama besar. Anak siapa gia yang dua orang(Daniel&Dawson) Shirl?

  4. shirley says:

    my brother.. i dont know if you remember him… also known as Binco masa d K.Penyu.. d sini dia kena panggil Bona..

  5. MamaTatana says:

    I enjoy juga being a full time home maker skarang (abis teda chance mau kerja, no mintamong do nganak boh) tapi panat juga oh..sometimes I do miss my working was so challenging but love it when masa terima gaji hehe..bah sabar saja kau Shirley..kerja dulu u said kalau sudah cukup finance bah jadi house manager lah kau hehe..

  6. MamaTatana says:

    BTW…soooooo cute mute the four kids in the picture…kirim salam cubit ah.

  7. shirley says:

    Luth, for your infor tu gambar lama tu.. skarang ni pandai melawan sudah semua..monsoi lagi kalu sendiri mantamong boh.. tapi apa buli buat ka cukup usin. Anyway if we used to what we are doing.. lama2 ok juga bah.

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