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My Body Aching

On Wednesday (25/06/08) .. i fetch Sean from school, 15 minute reaching home, Sean told me he wants to go to the toilet… i said hold on we are reaching home. I just hate my husband’s working hours 9.00am-7.00pm, so ridiculous, i have problem fetching my children. Anyway, while driving, i asked Sean how isContinue Reading “My Body Aching”

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Panic Buying of Fuel Again

I heard people in the office talking about the rumours that the Petrol Stations in the states will be on strike but i don’t really care about it, my mind was thinking about Chrissa.  I heard one of my friends keep on calling his friends informing his friends about it (che.. he is one ofContinue Reading “Panic Buying of Fuel Again”

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I’m At Work But On Standby

I woke up this morning and i asked my son if he is feeling alright and ready to go to school. To my surprise he went out from the room and took off his pajamas, so i guess he is ready, while Chrissa still looks sleepy but when she saw her brother getting ready toContinue Reading “I’m At Work But On Standby”