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    Not My Day!

    Ok i admit it.. i feel so grumpy and angry yesterday….. not blaming anybody but myself. There are so many things that i wanted to do but it didn’t go well as planned. I wanted to upload my latest design in my other blog but without success and the slow internet connection made it even worse, i wanted to blog hop also need to wait sooo long.

    I am anxiously waiting for my Debit Card for Public Bank, they promised that i can get the card within 2 weeks time but it is more than 2 weeks already still nothing, i called them but they said it might takes 3 weeks… mmm.. hey i need to cash my money from the paypal.. i just can’t wait lah.

    There is also few iny winy tiny thingy that hurts my feeling… no need to elaborate, i decided i go home early, my reason nobody helping my parents taking care of their five active grandchildren (i contributed 2) .. .. so i did, Oh my god! i just wish i can go back to the office… i got my migraine by looking at them acting as power rangers, ultraman’s in action .. you know what i mean.

    Definitely not my day, i just wish i went to the state library instead and grab some books, anyway i am planning to go to the library next week, while it is still a school holiday, not sure if i want to go alone and taking my time reading peacefully or bring my Sean along with me. I am not going to plan… i just wait for the right time.