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    Talented Sabahan

    … and.. the winner is…….Stacy!


    Wah! She is so talented young lady made Sabahan proud…. The first Sabahan to win Akademi Fantasia. She is a Star in a making… another Sabahan in the Malaysia’s entertainment industry.

    The tradition in the AF usually two Sabahan in the final and the best place one can get is the Second place. Being the only talented Sabahan, she managed to charmed the Malaysian and Bruneian with her husky voice and her dance steps. This is the first time i’m satisfied with the results. With unbeatable 43% sms voting for her, Riz 18%, Nubhan 14%, while both Toi and Nubhan only manage to get 13% votes.

    Wah… she won a Banglo in Melaka and other prizes which accumulated rm733,734.00. She is now laughing to bank with her winning cash prize RM25,000.00 to her savings accounts.

    You go girl..!!! ‘alamak… terlebih sudah’..