Nice Car

Wah… Perodua have produced a new ‘brand’… introducing… Perodua Nautica. The first time i saw it on TV.. wah i love it very much, nice design.. They will not produced Kembara anymore.. kesian kembara, Nautica is taking over.

It is a 4wheel drive, i love to imagine me driving the car already.. wah prasan. It looks spacious.. I check the price for Kota Kinabalu in the Perodua website ..wah RM91,800.00..mmm in my dream only lah.. kesian. Anyway, if ever you want to buy this car i think you will not have problems with auto parts because its a national car and it won’t be expensive.

I definitely cannot afford buying this car…. not this year lah but i will keep on dreaming, reaching for the stars.. who knows one day i reach the sky! Wah..terlebih sudah.

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2 Responses to “Nice Car”

  1. Rozz_Lea Rozie says:

    Tuuukoii apagon ni Shirl, lebih kurang harga imported 4WD kan…

  2. shirley says:

    iya bah rozie… biarlah sya drive my Atos.. daripada sya pengsan bayar huntang

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