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Unforgettable Memories On Natural Disaster

It is so sad to hear the news about the devastating earthquake that hit south-western Sichuan province and the Cyclone that hit Myanmar. I just cannot imagine how hard it is for them in this time of trouble, scared, worried, traumatized, losing the one you love…

Touch wood!.. it must have been a scary experience and these are a few scary and unforgettable memories i had about natural disaster (sorry ah the grammar not so good but i hope you can understand what i am trying to express) ;

Few years back when we were still staying in Tuaran, me and my sister were stranded somewhere in telipok from 6.00pm right until 4.00 am in the morning. Our daddy came i can’t remember what time searching for us. Our car was in line with hundreds of vehicles .. he brought with him.. tapau.. rice and fish.. . So sad oh.. my daddy was soaked wet.. thanks daddy. The day after that i have to bring my car (kancil) for service.

The year when the terrible Greg hits Sabah – we were in Tuaran, we sat together in the living room. i was so scared and i remember my late grandpa keep on saying ‘iriu-iriu bolitotok’.. he actually asked the lizards to hold the ceiling.. funny but it works. Not sure how much was the life insurance rates that year but so many life perished.

I reached the office but the it was raining and strong wind. I waited in the car and i can feel the car shakes as if the car can be thrown away anytime. Being so scared inside the car, i decided to walk.. lucky the strong wind didn’t blow me away.. .

Last Wednesday at 4.30pm, we were rushing down the stairs because of strong wind. Me and Carol waited near the stairs with few other people. Few of our friends managed to go inside their car but didn’t dared to drive.. . the car was shaking.. and even a guy whom is riding his motorcycle fell down together with is motorcycle ..hehehe.. so imagine how strong the wind is.

To tell you frankly, i was scared to death… but when talk about it now we laugh..


  • Hilda

    OMG Shirl,stranded somewhere overnight with just two of you! What an awful experience you and your sister had. Thank God you guys were doing okay. So touched to read how yr dad came to yr rescue. Sendu terus saya oh.

    The wind knocked someone from his bike! Wow! Punya kuat tu angin. Take care a!

  • shirley

    Ya Hilda.. only two of us in the car.. flood bah tu musim.. but with hundreds of people also lah berparking menunggu the water turun… my daddy park somewhere bawa tapau bah.. doi kesian oh.. me and my sister.. dgn tidak tau malunya trus makan.. sian oh…

    Masa angin tu.. coz ur office near laut bah.. sya rasa sya pun boleh terbang oh…

  • Oiga

    I know how u feel. 3 weeks ago i went outstation to Pagalungan. Have to take the boat. The water was quite rough that day. Banyak lagi batu2 di sungai tu. I was so scared bah. I don’t know how to swim lagi ni. Life jacket pun teda hehehe.. Klu tabalik mmg mati lemas mangkali. Sambayang ja dlm hati. Nasib champin tu boatman dia. Ndak juga tabalik tu bot but sa kebasahan juga kana tu air sungai 😀

  • chegu carol

    Aiyoo..sedangkan baru banjir sikit sana tempat in-laws sa pun, mau panic gila sdh..apa lagi kalo yg banjir smpai more than 3 feet…or like those cyclone in myanmar and earthquake in china…palis-palis

  • shirley

    Ornest.. kin takut juga tu.. tlampau juga smpai tiada life jacket.. tu mcm taking risk udah tu.. bah nasib juga tia tbalik kan.

    Chegu carol..
    Tu lah sya bayangkan apa yg kita kena over here.. like nothing compare to what happened there kan…

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