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Searching For Superhero Comforter Set

This picture was taken on his 1st birtday.. shown also in picture is Josh, my bestfriend’s son (jppmom & papajoneh).

The picture below… was taken last year… so skinny.. but mind you he can eat 4 slices of bread in the morning (eating inside the car while on the way to school).. of course breakfast in school… the time he comes back home.. he will be eating another 2 or 3 slices of bread.. and still can take dinner at 7.30pm.. Its hard to resist daddy’s cooking…

My son, Sean Matthew has grown up but he looks so skinny, he used to be so chubby and heavy when he was a baby. He started losing weight when he was 2 years old but he is healthy and i hope it is normal.

Anyway we trained him to sleep in his room alone but he will run to our room in the middle of the night. So last year i bought him bedsheets printed with cute cartoon of cows to make him happy so that he can sleep alone in his room but he didn’t really like the cartoon. He loves to have superhero in every corner of his room, so i guess i need to buy him a nice comforter sets printed with either Ultraman, Power Rangers or Spiderman. Hey, if you know where to find the superhero thingy.. please let me know..

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  • papajoneh

    Alamak… ndak sedar pulak ada gambar ni.. aduhhh cute2 diaorang ni.

    Si Sean tambah hensem lagi tu. Apa muka bollywood… dont worry too much. Now my son lagi kurus… worry jugalah but as long as they’re healthy.. tahan gigit bibir ja la dulu, kio 🙂

  • Oiga

    Normal baitu.. mau tinggi 😀 Ingkaa noh humanat ka di mamiku di ontok guminagas ih tanakku totuo 🙂 She was so chubby when she was small but gradually lose her weight as she grow up. Now tinggi sdh dia tu.. baru 6 tahun ma hahaha

    Pasal itu comforter, ada sa nampak sana Ground Floor, center point, dakat2 tu sony center. Ada gambar spiderman tapi bukan cotton sa rasa sbb harga around rm30 plus saja lepas diskaun 🙂

  • shirley

    help me to find bedsheet with power ranger or ultraman’s print gia d KL. If you dapat tell me how much, help me to buy kio.

    I took the picture masa sean 1 year birthday that is in 2004.

  • shirley

    Kiva nokito ku hu City Mall nga okon ko Power Ranger and not cotton .. Bah kalu ko nampak somewhere kasi tau sya kio..

  • Cay

    Shir sia rasa bnyk tuu di kl tapi tuu lah mau berjln2 sekitar kl nii ba kalu sia nmpk karang sia bagi tau u kio. Anak si doth mau Ben10 plak 🙂

  • Rozz_Lea Rozie

    Hi Shirl, don’t worry about yr sean skinny ka…it’s normal ba tu, just like my Lyssa used to be overweight masa kecil nah skarang… adeiii kurus juga…

  • shirley

    Sya heran pulak.. sean kenal c Ben10 padahal sya tia pernah kasih tingu dia tu… d sikul lah ni kan.

    Iya lah mo tinggi bah tu kan.. tapi mcm tidak cukup makan pulak

  • Hilda

    What a cutie! Ramai tu budak begitu, my sister’s son pun begitu dulu. Masa kici chubby but makin besar jadi kurus dan tinggi. As long as they are healthy, nothing to worry lah. 🙂

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