Wah… these few days have been interesting to me, why? because last week my friend was blog hopping and she found the word tatana in that blog. She asked me isn’t tatana is a language in Kuala Penyu? ‘Do you know her’? she asked, i immediately went to see the blog that interest her… mmm not really.. but interesting.. i need to check it out.

I found out that her name is Luthie, staying in Germany. Got in touched with her through CBox and indeed she is from Kuala Penyu and she know my sir name (Hunggim ), interesting… The introduction got me to another blogger, Hilda who is staying in the US. What a small world ….Luthie is my cousin’s cousin and Hilda is my second cousin (daddy’s side). Happy to meet you !

Who knows one day i will be going there to meet Hilda or Luthie. Wah.. i’m thankful that airplane are invented but if you want to travel abroad make sure you purchase travel insurance .. well prevention, it is a long journey, airplane can get you to your friend or family who are staying abroad.

I salute whoever invented the computer and internet , i can get information and get in touch with people all over the world with only by clicking… click! click!