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Busy Guy

I have been trying to meet my brother to discuss with him about certain things before he leave for Australia but whenever i call him, he said he is in KL. I remember my mum told me that he will be flying here and there this May.

Last friday, i saw my brother online in the Yahoo Messenger, got the chance to asked him about certain things but still he can’t make his decision. So we better meet up before you leave town… ‘I am leaving town’, my brother said.. . aik.. mummy said you in KL yesterday?’, ‘ya lah, yesterday i was in KL, just came back last night and now i am in the airport leaving to KL’… Oh my god.

He typed his scheduled in the YMessenger… . today KK-KL, next week going to Indonesia for 6 days, come back to KK next Monday, then will be going to Trengganu after that to Fiji in 30-31 May .. will be back maybe in June.

I just reply .. ‘Ok bro.. take care of yourself’ definitely you are one busy guy! I am sure you will be coming back with new golf equipment when you come back to KK.


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