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    The Power of Aloe Vera

    I was clearing my my boss’s desk that have been occupied with old newspapers then i saw the article in Borneo Post dated 4th May ‘Aloe vera – a household name as a decorative flower and herbal medicine’. The articles referred to book entittled ‘Tanaman Herba Penyembuah Ajaib – Panduan Penggunaan Berkesan Tanaman Berubat’ by Herminia de Guzman-Ladion (1999 edition) and confession by Diyana Molisun and Alisiah Mojunggal from Kudat. So this is how i summarized the articles ;


    have one fleshy Aloe Vera leaf, peel off its spiny skin and massage it on the face. Leave the extract for 30 minutes or much better still for one whole night. After that, wash the face with warm water.


    Fresh extract of Aloe Vera is applied and massaged onto the scalp an hour prior to shampooing it using bark of the Sentok Tree. Do it once in a week for four consecutive weeks.

    Sprained legs, arms or ankles

    Fomentation technique, that is, a form of local compression using a clean piece of cloth or towel which has been duly immersed in hot water or stream water mixed with crushed or pulverized aloe Vera leaves (usually two or three leaves are already sufficient) and then used to wrap or bandage the affected leg or arm joints for 30 minutes. Have it done three times a day.

    Burnt or Blistered Skin

    Method : Have some Aloe Vera leaves, clean them with soap and water and then crushed them to get the herbal extract. Before that that the affected body area must be immersed in warm water duly mixed with salt solution. Then, the affected area is then smeared with the Aloe Vera extract. Do it once in a day.

    Infection of the throat (tonsil), larynx or pharynx

    Put 1cm slice of Aloe Vera inside the mouth for the whole day long. Suck its herbal extract very slowly inside the mouth until the extract depleted, then put in another fresh slice. This procedure must be done with full diligence and patience for the whole duration of the day.

    Remove Black Spots and Pimples

    Just rub or apply its extract on the whole face.

    Boil (Bisul) and Blister due to fire or hot water

    Mesh one or two leaves of Aloe Vera to get the extract. then, add some salt and apply it directly to the boil.

    Prolapse (Buasir)

    Take just half part of the leaf, take out the extract using a knife or spoon and add half a cup of boiled water and two spoonful of honey. The mixed potion is then taken in three times a day.


    Have half of a leaf of Aloe Vera, wash it, remove the skin and cut into pieces. Then add half a cup of hot water and one spoonful of natural honey. consume it two times a day.

    Continuous state of coughing

    Take 15-18cm of Aloe Vera’s leaf and have it boiled together with some sugar. Take it in three times a day. coughing will gradually taper off after one or two days. (those suffering from roundworms in the stomach or having difficulty in urinating, the Aloe Vera need not be mixed with sugar during the process of boiling)

    Kidney Stone

    Have some 15gm of Aloe Vera leaf, press or crush it to get the fleshy extract. Add 30gm of sugar and sufficient water formely used to wash rice. consue the preparation three times a day.


    Have a leaf of the aloe Vera, wash it with soap and water and cut it into pieces. Boil the pieces in three glasses of water. Drink the herbal potion three times a day (never take in sweetened drinks during the process of medication).

    Beauty – Increase Eyelashes

    Can be used as mascara to beautify the eyes of the beholder like thickening the eyelashes or to increase the curvature of the eyelashes especially for women. Apply its sticky extract on to the eyelashes before going to sleep. Do it for three months, you will find the difference.

    My fingers are tired from typing… i hope its worth reading and do try it!