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My Scary Confinement Experience

It is a natural feeling to feel beautiful as a woman and now, being a mother and a wife, I can’t hardly find time to think about my health and skipped my skincare routine. But I am becoming more alert with health after I delivered by second child, I didn’t really take care of myself during my confinement. What happened to me during the second week, really scared me to death, I woke up in the morning, my whole body aching, I can’t even moved my hands and leg, even my fingers can’t grip a thing. I don’t think I came to a rheumatism stage but it sure is scary. Luckily I had my mother, she forced me to drink herbs any some sorts of ‘roots’ to keep my body warm. I thank her for being my savior.


Even now, I am still worried about my health, I have added ‘jogging’ in my family schedule list. I found out about Fibromyalgia, It is a painful rheumatic condition of uncertain cause that is characterized by diffuse or localized pain, tenderness, and stiffness of skeletal muscles and associated connective tissue and that is usually accompanied by fatigue. I don’t know how it can be related with what I have been through but I am just sharing my experience and little knowledge about it. I will be more than happy to hear your ‘after birth’ or confinement experience.

4 thoughts on “My Scary Confinement Experience”

  1. Hi Shirley..

    Yeah this sounds very scary..thank GOD for mothers eh..

    Me no experience yet but after my fibroid removal operation.. I was like in confinement. Cannot eat this.. cannot eat that.. cannot do this.. cannot do that…aiyoo can go crazy.. worst no baby just three blobs of fibroids in bottles.. UWahhhh!!!!

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