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Imagine having Clinical Laboratory Service in the neighborhood. I think it will be easier for us, as mother to check the description in any ‘supplement’ before we can give our children. It will be good to check for the contain and seek advice from the expert. We usually influenced by the advertisement or any information …

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Not Sleeping Well

Whenever i woke up in the morning, i feel my body aching everywhere. The first thing that come across my mind is the mattress. I have been sleeping on that mattress for 6 years now and think its time to change for a new one. How much does a comfortable and thick mattress cost? Hopefully …

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The Birthday Girl

OOPSY NOT READY LAH! THE BITHDAY CAKE  CHRISSA WITH SEAN, DAWSON, DANIEL AND BRIDGET     It was never too late to post this story, although it I supposed to post this earlier but well .. never mind. My daughter, Chrissa Marie Francis just celebrated her 2nd birthday on 4 April 2008. Its just …